Truthwitch (Susan Dennard)


I haven’t been this excited about a new series in AGES! I’ve started this book with high expectations (mostly because Robin Hobb said she loves it), and without knowing what it is about. As it is often with new fantasy series, I was struggling the first couple of chapters, trying to get a feeling for the world and remembering the characters’ names and connections, but as soon as I was in the story  I was completely blown away!
In the world of ‘Truthwitch’, some are born with ‘witchery’, a form of magic that enables them to alter the world around them. Iseult is a Threadwitch: she can see the fates and relationships of the people around her. When she runs away from her family’s tribe, she meets Safiya, a noble’s daughter and a Truthwitch. She can tell truth from lies, a dangerous trait that makes her a pawn in the eyes of the Witchland’s nobility, forcing her to keep her talent a secret.

When Iseult and Safiya cross a Bloodwitch, who’s able to control a person’s blood and track them by scent, they are forced to flee. An uncertain trading agreement leads them on board the ship of Prince Merik, a Windwitch who’s trying to save his people and country from the coming war. Because the nations that rule the Witchlands are on the brink of a fight, and the truce is about to end…

I love every single aspect of this book. I am serious. The writing is incredible, the characters are amazing and the entire concept of the world just blew me away. This book has everything I am looking for in a fantasy book and more, and I loved every single second of it. I literally went into the bookshop and bought the second book before even finishing it, because ‘Truthwitch’ simply swallowed me whole. I loved the concept of ‘witchery’ as a trait, and the way its power and limitations were realized. This book’s plot works great on its own, but there’s an undercurrent that allures to events that are going to happen, and that have me so so excited for the sequel.

I find it so so harder to review books that I love (for some weird reason), but just believe me: if you love fantasy, especially high fantasy, and you’re looking for an incredible world to throw yourself into, ‘Truthwitch’ is definitely the book for you!

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