Alice (Christina Henry)

30196357Alice, 16 years old, walks into the dangerous Old Town with her friend looking for adventure, and comes out two weeks later, alone, without memories and with a bloody gash across her face and blood dripping down her thighs. She spends the next ten years locked up in a mental hospital, where she meets the Hatcher, who can feel the Jabberwocky growing stronger in his prison beneath the ground. When a fire in the hospital frees Hatcher, Alice and the Jabberwocky, they try everything to kill the monster. But both of them are hunted by their pasts, and learn that some things are better left unremembered.

This book is incredible! The original story of Alice in Wonderland is woven into the book so cleverly and perfectly, creating something completely new and at the same time hinting at characters and quotes from the original. A lot of the character’s names, you recognize (Cheshire, the Caterpillar…) but all of them are twisted and darker. Eerily, they keep some of their characteristics, so everything still makes too much sense to be entirely comfortable.

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