Now I Rise (Kiersten White)


This is the second book in the Conqueror’s saga (I wrote a review for the first book, ‘And I Darken’, which you can find here). This review might include some spoilers for the first book.

In ‘And I Darken’, the siblings Lada and Radu Dracul are brought to the Ottoman court as hostages by their father, meeting Mehmed, the heir to the Ottoman throne. Quickly, their friendship grows, and over the course of the book fierce, vicious Lada and soft-spoken, intelligent Radu help Mehmed to secure his position. But her home, Wallachia, is always on Ladas mind, and when her father dies even her feelings for Mehmed can’t stop her from returning to her castle to reclaim her throne. Meanwhile, Radu stays at Mehmed’s side, tortured by his feelings for his friend that he thinks are wrong, and that he knows will never be returned.

In ‘Now I Rise’, the first book’s main characters are split up: Lada leads her loyal men to Wallachia, trying to secure alliances and fighting obstacles and throwbacks to finally claim her throne. Mehmed sends Radu to Constantinople as a spy, while he prepares the ultimate attack on the city. Accompanied by his wife, Nazira, and the Constantinian ambassador, Cyprian, Radu follows the order, but soon starts to second guess Mehmed’s reasons for sending him away.

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And I Darken (Kiersten White)

27190613During the last couple of weeks, my methods of choosing what book to read next was basically walking through library and bookshop isles and stopping every time I saw a title that sounds familiar. Whenever I saw a book that I had heard of before (or, to be more specific, that I heard good stuff about), I picked it up without even reading the blurb and started reading it. The same thing happend with And I Darken. More so, my library branch had three (!!) copies of this book, so I was basically convinced this had to be a good one.

Set in the Ottoman Empire and Wallachia, “And I Darken” follows the story of Lada and her brother Radu, children of the leader of Wallachia, who are brought to the Ottoman courts as hostages and leverage against her father. While Lada is fierce and desperate to prove herself to her father (even though she is seen as unimportant because she’s a girl), her brother, who is more gentle was unhappy at his father’s court. In the Ottoman Empire, they befriend Mehmed, the heir to the Empire, and soon their friendship transforms into something more complicated and difficult, as both siblings start to fall in love.

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